Install Flutter on Mac and set PATH variable
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Google has surprised mobile developers all over the globe by putting out Flutter. Flutter is Google’s mobile UI framework for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time.

There’s no need to say that we are all excited and willing to test, play and develop amazing applications with Flutter SDK. In order to get everything ready we need to go through some installation and setup to get our development environment ready.

How to read drums on Tab Pro (Ultimate Guitar)
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If you are subscribed to Ultimate Guitar’s Tab Pro and would like to read drums to do a cover of your favorite song or you are simply a team of one willing to record all instruments in order to play guitar along with it (just like me) you will be wondering what the heck do those numbers for the drums mean.

Setting up Virtual Hosts for XAMPP on Mac OS X (El Capitan)
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I’ve been planing to write this article for a long time already, and finally I’m doing it. If you came across this article I’m sure that you are aware of what virtual hosts are, you are using XAMPP on a Mac and you are willing to get started. Let’s do it!

Excel - Convert Numbers to English Words on Mac OS X & Windows
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Recently I was asked to create a payment form that would be auto generated by changing one parameter, filling out all forms from separate spread sheet using “VLOOKUP”. Next to the numerical value of the total payment, displaying the value in English words was required.

UPDATE: Modify System Integrity Protection in El Capitan to Install Mcrypt and Intl Php Extensions
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In August I published an article - Install Mcrypt and Intl Php Extensions on Mac OS X and XAMPP.

The solution was perfectly working for Mac OS X Yosemite, but with the release of El Capitan, as I’ve been informed by Sjoerd, one of the readers of my blog, “you will need to deactivate System Integrity Protection (SIP) before you can change anything from /private/ on your MAC”.

Extension ext-mcrypt and ext-intl * is missing from your system
Category: Misc

Recently I downloaded and installed Magento 2 1.0.0-beta with composer on Mac OS X Yosemite. I’m using XAMPP as my webserver. When I tried to download Magento 2 sample data and all other dependencies I encountered two errors.

Creating Markdown file and pushing it to GitHub for The Data Scientist’s Toolbox project  at Coursera
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Recently I enrolled in Data Science Specialization at Coursera.

The first class is The Data Scientist’s Toolbox which requires you to submit the course project. This assignment is designed to make sure you have done the basic software setup that will get you through the rest of the Data Science Specialization. This course project consists of four parts.

HTTP status codes to handle errors in your API
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Recently I’ve been exploring the guides on how to develop API’s the correct way. The API that I’m planning to build in fact will be used only by me but when starting to build something from a scratch it’s always a good practice to implement it in the generally accepted way. After some research and planning I reached the errors part.

How should you handle errors in your API? The best way to handle them are HTTP Status Codes. For some developers HTTP Status Code might sound very intimidating but in fact they are very easy to understand.

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As a web developer I need to show or hide hidden files like .htaccess on daily basis. After some Googling I managed to find the command how to show/hide the hidden files or folders. But still I had to Google for it every time I needed it and search again for the command to hide those hidden files a few minutes later.