DAY AGAINST DRM - All eBooks & Videos for $10

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DAY AGAINST DRM - All eBooks & Videos for $10

Things couldn't have gone better than this amazing day against DRM. This day is special because one the of the top leading publishers - PacktPub is offering all ebooks and videos for only $10 and this is great news for developers/programmers and for anyone who would like to dive into the world of Computer sciences, IT, programming and this list could go much further than anyone can imagine.

I visit PackPub on daily basis to check out for new content, new books and videos that can help me to grow professionally. And I was excited to see these fascinating news. They always have to offer very interesting deals and this one is a gift. I couldn't hold on not to rush there, go and see the list of books and videos to choose, read, explore and experiment with new stuff.

It's needless to say that their books are very informative with code samples, theory and practice as well as well edited. 

I could list right now tons of PacktPub's books that have taught me and have helped me. If you are willing to go this Zend Framework 2 then go grab Zend Framework2 Applications Development by Christopher Valles and a really cool book Zend Framework 2 by Example by Krishna Shasankar V - I really love these books.

When I was developing an online store based on Magento, I faced some serious issues with development and my hands were tied because of Magento's huge framework and it's config that is XML based. At that point, for a newbie like me I needed urgent help - the knowledge of basics of Magento's architecture, theme development and even extension development - News Module, Slider (image carousel), Shipping and Payment methods - I headed to Packt's store and I don't regret a bit that I paid over USD 40 for each book. Mastering Magento Theme Development by Adrea Sacca, Magento PHP Developer's Guide by Allan MacGregor, Getting Started with Magento Extension Development by Branko Ajzele - these books, they just saved me from failing the project, and actually it was a great pleasure to read them and enhance my knowledge.

I could be listing their titles non-stop. But with all of these above written I'd like to make point that their titles of top quality, well written and edited. One can satisfy his/her the most wildest wishes, as far as PacktPub has books from Novices to Professionals. And in addition, you can directly download sample codes. 

Having a chance to grab their books for only USD 10 - maybe it's christmas again!!

For those who haven't heard of DRM -  Digital rights management (DRM) is a class of copy protection technologies that are used by hardware and software manufacturers, publishers, copyright holders, and individuals with the intent to control the use of digital content and devices after sale; there are, however, many competing definitions.[4] With first-generation DRM software, the intent is to control copying; with second-generation DRM, the intent is to control executing, viewing, copying, printing, and altering of works or devices. The term is also sometimes referred to as copy protection, copy prevention, and copy control, although the correctness of doing so is disputed.[5] DRM is a set of access control technologies. In 1998, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) was passed in the United States to impose criminal penalties on those who make available technologies whose primary purpose and function are to circumvent content protection technologies. See more on Wiki.

This is promo message from CEO of PacktPub:

"Packt celebrates International Day Against DRM, May 6th 2015 Packt Publishing firmly believes that you should be able to read and interact with your content when you want, where you want, and how you want – to that end they have been advocates of DRM-free content since their very first eBook was published back in 2004.

This year, to demonstrate their continuing support for Day Against DRM, Packt is offering all its DRM-free content at $10 for 24 hours only on May 6th – with more than 3000 eBooks and 100 Videos available across the publisher’s website, there’s plenty to discover, whatever you’re interested in. “Our top priority at Packt has always been to meet the evolving needs of developers in the most practical way possible, while at the same time protecting the hard work of our authors. DRM-free content continues to be instrumental in making that happen, providing the flexibility and freedom that is essential for an efficient and enhanced learning experience. That’s why we’ve been DRM-free from the beginning – we’ll never put limits on the innovation of our users.” – Dave Maclean, CEO"

As for me, I'm planning to dive into the world of SWIFT and PacktPub, as always has titles to offer with really interesting content.

Happy reading and watching cool stuff from PacktPub!